enlightened Concrete Poles

H-shaped concrete poles produced at the MAZIYAR company are according to instruction manual of determining Technical requirements and evaluation criteria and testing requirements of the rectangular reinforced concrete poles of SEPTEMBER 2011 Department of Electrical and tested by distribution companies across the country and Department of Electrical.

These poles have 9, 12, 14 and 15 meters long and are produced with a tensile strength of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 and1200 kg.

The output Concrete Poles of company is more than 20,000 trees per year.


enlightened Production process:


Bars Depot (that made from A3 and are prepared from most reputable factories in the country) takes place in indoor to prevent oxidation that is the biggest factor of corrosion in poles. All I-shaped and rectangular Stirrups are produced by Stirrup Bender CNC with standard and uniform size.

Reinforce that are made by experienced personnel moved by crane into the mold to prevent displacement from the original stirrups than Hank.

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Concrete Construction:

- Type 2 Portland cement is used and is provided from a reputable factories.
- Sand and aggregate are prepared  from standard mines. (the SE of sand is higher than 90%)
- preparing concrete is done by batching plant machine that According to the accurate measurement of the weight of cement, Sand and aggregates, as well as water level by Digital measurement devices are achieved as precise mix concrete is the most important principle.


Concrete Offloading:
The provided concrete is transferred on already carefully fasten molds by transferring and offloading packets. 
It should be noted that all the process of concrete’s transferring and offloading is in a very closing place because of preventing from Poles from being oxidize in the molds and also preventing concrete from demolition by the rain.
Concrete Curing:
After opening the molds, then that concrete producing turn, it should be pass nearly 28 days from the life of the before ready Pole until it could be reached to the delivering stage, but this company producing facilities which involve steaming and water drowning, has decreased this time to 14 days. 
It should be mentioned that this company has a 5 ton steam machine and also 4 different size pools.
Pole's Storage:
MaziyarSanat company has a very good location for concrete Pole’s storage.The capacity of compound storage (2000 voots in each day), has caused varieties in poles numbers and it’s on time delivery to the dear customers.
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