enlightened industrial company of Maziyar is the only company in the Mazandaran state that has hot galvanization unit and it is one of the member of galvanization association in Iran. Due to new politics and approaches of this company in using of technical and leading counselors, this company is one of the best ones in country that has competitive prices. Due to presence of this company in the region, the transportation cost is low and therefore it is suitable for other trade units.



enlightened Services of this unit are:

Hot Galvanization of Different Products Such As: Angles, Steel Channel, Pipes and Profiles, Sheets, Beams and Lace. Made Components Such As: Power Transmission Towers, Communication Towers, Lighting Towers, Facility Parts, Livestock and Poultry and Farming, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Parts, Gratings, Guard Rail And....


enlightened Technical features of galvanization unit of company are:

In more than 99 percent of processes, melted Zink is the raw material of galvanization In temperature of 445 to 465 degree.

Features of bath of molten:
Length: 630 cm
Width:    80 cm
Depth:  125 cm


enlightened The warm irrigation process will be done in 10 stages and it is done with standards of ASTMA123 and EN40-5:2002 as follow:

-    Initial inspection of pieces and cleaning
-    Defatted and washing with hot water
-    Pickling and washing with cold water
-    Fluxing
-    Preheated
-    Secondary inspection
-    Plunging in bath of molten
-    Cool and cleaning
-    Final monitoring
-    Packing

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