This complex began its activity with very small unit and minimum facilities and equipment from 1986 and with 10 years efforts, create an appropriate Platform to create a corporation in form of an Industrial group named “MAZIYAR SANAT”.


Now we have a factory in a land of 45,000 square meters area and a production hall with 11,000 square meters area, by provide the best machines with high variety of products try to launch and develop new units regarding standards in order to the demands of customers.


This company is in progress with Continuous and Stable efforts based on 6 main focuses:


First: the quality and standards
Second: lowest price
Third: fast delivery
Fourth: Customer-orientation and customer satisfaction
Fifth: Variety of Productions (The company needs all its efforts on providing the highest parts MV distribution network customers to arrange their production schedule)
Sixth: Innovation in manufacturing, research, benchmarking and updating distribution network parts from the European countries by participating in exhibitions and international conferences.


This company has Certification of Quality Management ISO 9001-2008 and  Europe 2013